2020 Virtual Spiritual Growth Conference

It’s conference time! Kind of. We pray you are encouraged by the spiritual growth keynote and accompanying Bible study from Pastor Jeremy Mattek. Pick a time to gather as a group for an hour.
If you haven’t voted for new members of your WLSTC Program Committee, please do so now. Results of the election will be announced in early November.
WLSTC did incur some expenses this year. If you feel compelled to donate (or simply need to get WLSTC registration fees out of your budget), you may do so at the bottom of the voting form.

We would like to thank Pastor Jeremy Mattek and Boettcher Media Group for using their God-given gifts to make the spiritual growth keynote a reality.
God-willing, we will gather on October 28 and 29, 2021!
Kris Snyder
WLSTC Coordinator

Click HERE for the August announcement regarding the 2020 Conference.

Dates of Future Conferences

2021:  October 28 & 29 

2022:  October 27 & 28