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Exhibitor Resources

In 2021 we have run out of exhibitor tables—a good problem to have! In addition to those who will be at WLSTC, the following exhibitors want to provide resources for you.
Here you will find:
Bethany Lutheran College’s Fall Update and Information on their NEW  Clinical Mental Health Counseling Graduate Program
Christian Aid and Relief Fall Update:  Letter and Flyer

Christian Life Resources: How We Can Help Your Ministry
Grace in Action (GIA) is a WELS-affiliated, Bible-based, innovative ministry dedicated to assisting WELS and ELS ministries through coaching, consulting, leadership training, and resources.  CLICK HERE for a ministry overview.
St. Mark Ministries: DARE to Lead conference - Join us for a best practices conference providing practical steps to take home to your ministry to implement today.

Sectional Resources

CLICK HERE for the Presenter Guidelines for Posting Resources.


These are files and links from our sectional presenters. Use them to edify your ministry. Speakers should email presentation documents and links to to get resources posted here. Please be sure to follow the WLSTC Presentation Guidelines linked above.

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