Contact Information
WLSTC Executive Committee

  Conference President
  Justin Gut (2021)
  C: 414-745-1526
  Trinity, Waukesha, WI

  Conference Secretary
  Phil Krueger (2019)
  S: 414-281-7808
  Word of Life, Milwaukee, WI


  Conference Vice President
  Jeff Roloff (2021)
  C: 605-254-6023
  St. Jacobi, Greenfield, WI
  Conference Treasurer

  Tim Zunker (2018)
  S: 920-923-6313
  Faith, Fond du Lac, WI
WLSTC Program Committee Members

  Craig Winkler (2021), Co-Chairman
  S: 262-582-3010 (ext. 200)
  St. Peter’s, Helenville, WI

  Matt Nottling (2021) Co-Chairman
  S: 920-262-8501 (ext. 329)
  St. Mark’s, Watertown, WI

  Heidi Groth (2019)
  S: 608-786-1250
  Christ St. John’s, West Salem, WI

  Lisa Radue (2019)
  S: 920-648-2918
  St. Paul’s, Lake Mills, WI

  Paul Schulz (2019)
  S: 920-758-3419
  St. John, Manitowoc, WI


  Anna Bartsch (2020)
  Cell: 414-305-1968
  Mt. Lebanon, Milwaukee, WI

  Stacy Bitter (2020)
  S: 414-541-5881
  St. Johns, Milwaukee, WI 

  Nate Dittrich (2020)
  Cell: 404-441-9371
  Immanuel, Medford, WI

  Deb Wittig (2020)
  S: 262-673-3811 (ext. 204)
  Peace, Hartford, WI

  Alyssa Stuebs (2021)
  C: 920-415-0402
  Lord and Savior, Crystal Lake, IL
More Helpful Individuals

  WLSTC Conference Coordinator
  Kris Snyder
  WLSTC Webmaster

  Tim Mueller
  S: 262-786-2901
  Star of Bethlehem, New Berlin, WI

  WLHS Facilities Coordinator
  Dave Baacke
  Wisconsin Lutheran High School
  S: 414-453-4567

  WLSTC Program Design
  Di Lohr
  Adunate Word & Design