Remember, this two-day conference is an outstanding dollar value. 
Plus you get great fellowship – no extra charge!

  1. Please assist your teachers in registering for the conference. The process is easy. View or download a copy of the program booklet which includes sectional descriptions and presenters’ biographies. Then, go to the registration page to begin.
  2. Registrations cannot be processed unless payment is made. Each registrant must pay individually. Let your staff know if they will pay and be reimbursed or if you will give them payment information to use.
  3. Please remind your teachers to register right away. As sectionals fill up, they will be closed. Choices will be limited the longer you wait.
  4. Student teachers will need to register if they will be attending the conference. There is no charge for them. They should have received information before they left MLC on how to do this.  If they have questions have them contact our conference coordinator, Kris Snyder directly at
  5. There is no need to send in an anniversary form. Teachers inform us of their own anniversary information during registration.
  6. Elections will take place during online registration.
  7. Each school is responsible for excuses for its own teachers. If your principal or board has approved your teachers not attending, they do not need to register.
  8. Be sure to check the Conference Rotation Schedule to see when your local teachers' conference serves WLSTC. Descriptions are provided for each Service Rotation area. Links are to the right.